What makes Beehive Mind unique:

We hand selected the most brilliant, passionate and experienced educators around the world, many are “tested” by our own children. Our highly experienced teachers will design each lesson for your child based on his/her learning style and interest. Each session is unique and tailored learning experience, and we do not follow generic curriculums. Most importantly, we LISTEN and we COMMUNICATE. We understand this is a team work and we will provide milestone report, feedback and incorporate your suggestions into our lessons.

What happens during the assessment:

It will be a fun 45 minute session where we get to know your child, going through subject of interest...come up with a lesson plan and find areas where need our “magic touch”.

How does genius availability work ?

Once you have Purchased either a 5 or 10 pack sessions, you will be able to see the genius’s calendar and proceed with booking.

How does cancellation work ?

We understand life is unpredictable especially with little ones - but since each lesson is tailor made for your child, please give us at least a 24 hour notice if your plan changes.

Can I get a refund if I don’t finish my package ?

Yes of course !

What if I cannot find availability on my beloved genius ?

Give us a call maybe we can make magic happen.

Can I switch to a different genius ?

Our goal is to provide the best educational experience for your child, we will always work very hard to find the most fitted genius for you and keep trying till you find the perfect one.

How are we helping the community by using Beehive Mind platform ?

We’re proud to have the opportunity to nurture the most brilliant minds of our generation - and we are super proud to have an exceptional team of educators with us. We believe knowledge should be free and accessible to all, and with every generous investment you made for your child’s education, we will donate a portion of our proceeds for those underprivileged children around the world. Stay tuned for our Global Camp 2021- there will be a surprise philanthropic project announced of which you child can be part of it !