Our Team

Kevin Lead Genius

Kevin has been a celebrity teacher for 17 years and gained huge popularity among students and parents. Kevin specializes in 1st through 6th grade and is creative to come up with ways to help the kids focus and be passionate about the subject matter. He is currently a 5th grade classroom teacher at a leading Los Angles independent school and also in charge of design and implement curriculum. 

Genius Lori (Phd)Specialty: Early childhood, Elementary reading

Genius Lori has been the literacy curriculum director, and developer for Stenhouse publishers. A passionate educator with decades of classroom experience and leadership responsibilities. She specializes in design engaging, fun and creative content to help and advance young readers. She brings with her sensational teaching and innovative techniques to Beehive Mind community.

Genius Jamilah Specialty: Test prep; High school; Middle school and elementary education

Genius Jamilah is an exceptional leader in education. A graduate of Harvard College, she was formerly the principal of a charter school in LA. Currently she is the Mathematic Chair of a middle school. She designed and implemented the SAT verbal and written portion of the test for five years. She has more than a decade of experience in designing and implement coursework for both elementary and middle school math. Formerly she was the adjunct professor for mathematics methods for childhood education.

Genius FanSpecialty: Chinese Mandarin (Beginner, Intermediate and advanced)

Genius Fan is a dynamic Chinese mandarin teacher. She has won several national and regional teaching award for her creative curriculum and teaching method. She has a Master degree of teaching art from Clarkson University. Her unique mandarin teaching sparks a lasting interest from the children in learning the language.

Genius NinaSpecialty: Elementary, Middle school science

Genius Nina has been named 2019 NYS Teacher of the year and brings with her more than two decades of experience in teaching science. She believes in hands-on activities that engage and challenge the students.The best way to learn is through observing, collaborating and problem-solving. Developing a Growth Mindset in all the children she educate allows them to become independent thinkers and view everything they do as a learning and growing opportunity. She strives to create self-confidence and a love for learning in her students; whether in person or remotely.

Genius AdamSpecialty: Elementary common core

Genius Adam is an award-winning educator, best selling author and nationally recognized educator. He recently being featured as a speaker at 2019 TEDxNORMAL, where he shared his message of making the world a better place through his Making Someone’s Day Yellow talk. He has recently published his best selling book TEACH, PLAY, LEARN! His strong connection with Beehive Mind’s community is we all believe in the power of yellow.

Genius Eliana Location: Orlando FL
Specialty: Spanish (Beginner, Intermediate and advanced)

Genius Eliana has been the Director for early childhood Spanish program at Manhattan’s Citibabes. She develops fun methodology to have young children engaged and immersed in learning the language, and design incredible project based learning for lower grades students as well.

Having been a mother of three incredible children of herself, she understands the challenge of learning a second language and the importance of parental support. Eliana will immerse your child in the dynamic and vibrant culture of Argentina and Spain.

Eliana is very passionate about creative arts and music and has expertise in teaching through interrelating topics to make the learning environment fun and educational at the same time. She focuses her energy towards building a solid foundation for learning, both academically and socially, in order to prepare the children for their future academic and life careers.

Eliana views teaching as a team effort and looks forward to building a strong relationship with parents. Her motivation and excitement makes the classes a fun and educational environment.

Genius Marie Location: Worthington Ohio
Specialty: Elementary Education; Early childhood intervention specialist (P-3)

Genius Marie enjoys utilizing brain, inquiry, play and sensory based learning practices in her teaching and believes the students needs engaging and multi-sensory approach to education. She has been awarded “Outstanding Educator” in Ohio start, and has helped many disabled and visually impaired students to achieve academic excellence.

Genius Becca Location: Red Bank, NJ
Specialty: K-8 Maths

Genius Becca has won the NJ Governor’s award for teaching and was voted as the outstanding teacher in her school. Her “why” story is now featured in a book called Teachers Deserve It, written by Rae Hughart and Adam Welcome. Genius Becca has a proven track record in helping students meet/exceed expectations on the PARCC (85-90% success rate).

Genius Deborah Location: NJ
Specialty: Elementary, Middle school Maths, Science and Social study

Genius Deborah has been teaching middle school math for over twenty years. She is a passionate instructor and always has a magic way to make her students feel confident and positive after the learning session.

Genius Nicole Location: Freehold NJ
Specialty: K-8 Reading Specialist

Genius Nicole currently serves as the reading specialist for the Union Beach Board of Education. In that capacity, she develops and implements various reading programs, assessments as well as Dyslexia testing for the district. She also created and implemented the BSI and Title 1 curriculum and benchmark data model

Genius Jamie Location: Easport NY
Specialty: Music

Genius Jamie is Beehive’s first musical talent, she is the orchestra director at the Eastport South Manor Junior. She brings with her decades of musical instruction and expertise to our beehive community.


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